Ben Reinhart

Chicago, IL

My last few years have been an interesting mix of school and work. In July 2011, I joined Groupon as their first software engineering intern. Later that year, I left school and joined Groupon full time. After three years of working on a wide range of projects from API-driven client side applications in JavaScript to backend APIs in Ruby, Node.js, and Clojure, I decided I wanted to finish my degree. In spring of 2014 I left Groupon and went back to school at DePaul.

I lasted less than a year as a full time student before I started working again, however, this time I continued my coursework at nights, intent on graduating. I joined a (at the time) 3 person start up, BjornCo, with former colleagues of mine from Groupon. At BjornCo, I am primarily building with Ruby, Rails, Heroku, AWS, JavaScript, and React Native for mobile development.

I finally finished my undergrad program in 2016, although I'm now part way through a computer science masters program.

Outside of work, I try to contribute to open source or work on interesting projects. I'm particularly interested in language design & development.

In the past, I've mentored and lead workshops at the StarterLeague and presented at UXMad and the Chicago Node.js meetup.

Aside from anything career related, I love music, attempting to play drums, traveling, and hanging with my pup, Bella.