You likely don't need a blogging framework


There is no shortage of static site generators, content management systems, frameworks and companies that you can build your website or blog on top of. Ghost, Wordpress, Octopress and Hugo to name a few. Additionally, for those that know some basic programming, another option is to build a CMS from scratch.

I just want a simple place to share some thoughts. The older I get, the less interested I am in trying the latest and greatest static site generator and the more I crave the simplest possible setup. I'm willing to bet this is true for many bloggers.

I've been feeling an itch to start writing again and so I wanted to set something up that would enable me to write. Since developers are prone to get hung up on the details that don't matter, e.g., which CMS to use or coding up their own custom thing, I decided that I would only focus on putting content out there. Rather than wasting time on what to use or coding anything, I'm just going to write an HTML page. When I want to write more articles, I'm going to copy and paste said HTML page. Eventually, if needed, I can start to make that process more automated. But for the first few articles at least, there's simply no need for anything more complex.

Just start putting content out there.